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Handbag Special Care

Congratulations! You have just purchased an entirely handcrafted product. 

Attention: An exquisite piece that requires special care!

  • Do not wet your clutch: contact with liquids and moisture damages the wood and silk tassel;
  • Do not sanitize them with chemicals: clean only with a microfiber cloth;
  • Do not expose to direct sources of heat (lamps or sun); 
  • Do not overload your clutch: take only what is necessary, respecting the limit that it can carry so your items can be secured safely; 
  • Keep your clutch away from harsh and abrasive materials as they may permanently damage the part;
  • Store in the tissue bag and in a safe place against falls;
  • Remove the chain to store it, leaving it fully inside the bag. Never leave the clutch open, as it may damage it;
  • Keep the tassel always stretched and away from liquids and moisture.