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Handmade Products

About The Products


Minnie With Love™ totally handcrafted products are unique and made of natural materials with delightful designs that can beautifully complement a daytime or evening wardrobe for a special occasion. 

Our vibrant designs are inspired by many prints, colors, and styles that can adorn a nice outfit.  

Our handcrafted handbags are a must-have accessory for a professional, well-dressed woman.

Our handbags can be personalized with your name, initials, different colors, shapes, and sizes.

 Exotic Pens

Our exotic pens are handmade with different exotic wood types combined with the tagua (vegetable ivory) to produce a contrasting style. 

The exotic pens are composed of tagua rings that blend its creamy white color into the exotic wood used, making it very appealing. 

Our exotic pens are available in various colors and materials:

  • Pink Ivory (wood + tagua)
  • Purple Heart (wood + tagua)
  • Amarello (wood + tagua)
  • Zebrawood (wood + tagua)

 ALL of our unique handcrafted products are Made With Love ❤️