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Our Brand Story

Fashion and beauty industries mainly lean towards women, and many products and services are designed, produced, and sold by women. Regarding consumers, women hold this power by driving more than 60% of consumer spending.

Minnie With Love™ is a woman-owned business that supports the empowerment of women and the environment.

Minnie with Love™ provides high-quality, beautiful, and colorful handmade products. Our handcrafted handbags are made of natural materials with delightful designs that can accentuate a nice daytime or evening look and fulfill our mission of supporting women and the environment.

Our products are entirely handmade and make a great accessory whether you’re on a women’s night out, a date night with your loved one, or on a special occasion with friends or family. Our beautiful handbags can complement your personality, confidence, and sophistication so that you can look stunning in your own right.

Our handmade sustainable products create value by beautifully complimenting your wardrobe to make you feel special and unique; you can Stand Out! By wearing our eye-catching handcrafted handbags, you can enhance your fashion appeal and Make a Statement! 

Minnie With Love™ collaborates closely with our manufacturer to follow our strict guidelines for sustainability. Every product is reviewed before it leaves production. We also support the environment by utilizing natural materials; if that's not love, what is?

We follow sustainable practices by utilizing plant-based materials for our handbags and exotic pens made of vegetable ivory. Our handbags are created from leftover MDF wood fiber and exotic pens from leftover wood and branches, so we do not use new wood to create our handmade products.

The recycled wood is used in MDF production, reducing waste and putting less strain on our forests as we create sustainable practices for years to come. The ECC Sustainability Standard ensures that the production of MDF will remain sustainable and environmentally friendly.