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Minnie's Journey

Minnie's Journey

Minerva "Minnie" Salles

Minnie is a dynamic and intelligent woman who exudes confidence, passion, and courage to achieve what she sets her mind to accomplish.

Her intuitive mind, compassionate soul, and down-to-earth approach make her a great listener and friend. Her unique personality is warm and engaging and comes across in whomever she meets.

As a television journalist, Minnie almost always adorns a polished look with grace and sophistication. She wears clothing, handbags, jewelry, and fashion accessories that accentuate her personal style and complement her vibrant personality.

While working abroad, Minnie embraced different cultures and backgrounds of people from all walks of life. She became knowledgeable in the local culture and even learned various languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Her experiences abroad ignited her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to start her own business. Minnie's journey inspired her to launch a product collection that reflects her adventures and diverse cultural awareness.

Upon returning to the U.S., Minnie wanted to continue sharing her wonderful experiences through her compelling multimedia storytelling and presenting unique handcrafted products produced with a lot of affection and dedication, aiming at total satisfaction.

Minnie believes that a woman can look even more remarkable by complimenting her wardrobe with a high-quality handbag.