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Selecting a handbag for your wardrobe

Minnie With Love™ is delighted to showcase a wonderful collection of unique products handcrafted with high-quality materials and embellished with vibrant designs and colors.

To select a handbag for your wardrobe, we will give you some ideas on how to accentuate your daytime or evening attire with an elegant and stylish handbag to seal the look. 

Daytime Attire – A neutral-colored handbag can blend well with a casual or printed dress. While for work, you can opt for a Plus size handbag to fit more of your items and a solid color bag that can blend well when paired with a tailored suit. You can also get an excellent business look with a rectangle-shaped handbag. 

Evening Attire – Elegant clutches and small bags are ideal for formal and cocktail events. You can also pair the bag with your favorite shoes and jewelry. For shimmery dresses, the handbag should adorn a touch of shimmer or match the dress with a bold color like red, blue, or purple. If you plan to wear an item of printed or heavily detailed clothing, then a one-tone clutch, such as beige or classic black, will be a good choice. 

The handbag-wardrobe match must be right to avoid a monochrome, non-pleasing look; it's a matter of proper balance. For example, if you choose a textured or printed handbag, you can wear a monochrome outfit. A multi-colored or printed outfit will match better with a handbag with one or two colors from the print design of your outfit. (as demonstrated in photo).

You can view our Handbag Collection to select the right handbag for your wardrobe to give you that polished look that will work like a charm for any daytime or evening occasion. 

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