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Handcrafted Sustainable Handbags

Minnie With Love™ is delighted to showcase a wonderful collection of unique handcrafted products made with high-quality materials and embellished with vibrant designs and colors. We also support the environment by utilizing natural materials; if that's not love, what is?

Minnie With Love™ collaborates closely with our manufacturer to follow our strict guidelines for sustainability. Every product is reviewed before it leaves production. We also support the environment by utilizing natural materials; if that's not love, what is?

We follow sustainable practices by utilizing plant-based materials for our handbags and exotic pens made of vegetable ivory. Our handbags are created from leftover MDF wood fiber, so we do not use new wood to create our handmade products.

The recycled wood is used in MDF production, reducing waste and putting less strain on our forests as we create sustainable practices for years to come. The ECC Sustainability Standard ensures that the production of MDF will remain sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Minnie With Love™ Sustainable Practices

What is the MDF wood made of? 

Medium-Density Fiberwood (MDF), a mix of wood fibers, wax, and glue. 

What is the gold and black chain made of? 

The chain is made of Aluminum with a dye anodizing bath.  

What is the inside material of the bags made of? 

The lining material of the bags are made of satin. 

Our manufacturing standards: 

Employees use protective equipment: goggles, protection masks, and hearing protectors.


What are the safety precautions for the workers in the factory? 

The law on the use of PPE is part of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) and is an important instrument for protecting worker safety. Therefore, knowing the procedures for notifying and penalizing employees who repeatedly fail to use protective equipment is very important. 

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